Oolong Tea

Select from our range Oolong tea leaves. We select the finest Oolong tea for you from China and Taiwan. Oolongs from Taiwan are called Formosa, meaning beautiful island whilst in Chinese Oolong means black dragon, sometimes spelled Wu Long.

Taiwan produces the finest Oolong tea in the world, is island and mountain climate makes for a unique growing condition producing a sensational tea. Oolong tea is between the full oxidation of black (fully-fermented) and the minimal oxidation of green teas (unfermented). Their large leaves are often suitable for multiple infusions. As such it has many of the health benefits of both types of tea and has a deliciously smooth, rounded flavour. The tea is left to be semi-oxidized/fermented before being baked.

Oolong has many benefits including reducing cholesterol build-up, helps burn fat for weight loss, can help prevent heart ailments and has been used as a remedy for digestive disorders. Oolong Teas other benefits are stimulating bodily functions and strengthening the immune system, making healthier and stronger bones and can also fight against tooth decay.

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