Japanese Sencha Fukujyu Green Tea

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Sencha tea is the first flush of the season and is the most popular tea in Japan. With a deep green leaf colour it has a mild grassy flavour and is rich in Vitamin C. This tea is becoming much more appreciated in the West for its excellent flavour and health benefits.

Sencha tea accounts for three quarters of all tea consumed in Japan with a more delicate flavour than Bancha. Sencha tea is good for your digestion and is ideal for drinking after a meal.

Tea in Japan is classified mainly by how it is harvested and processed.  In general, the earlier harvests are considered to be better than the later ones, with more sweetness and supposedly more goodness.  Sencha is harvested early in the tea season and is considered to be of better quality than later harvests.

The leaves are steamed to prevent oxidisation/fermentation. Leaves are then graded by size, then repeatedly rolled and twisted into shape and dried by hot air which removes 85% of the moisture.

To brew: put one teaspoon per person, add boiled water (cooled for a minute), allow to brew for 1 minute. Leaves can be reused several times.

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