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Jasmine tea from the Chinese province of Anhui has an unmistakeable scent of Jasmine blossoms.  Jasmine blended with tea makes a delicious, sweet and fruity drink.

The process of producing this tea is one of the most complicated. The jasmine blossoms are harvested first thing in the morning , whilst the petals are still tightly closed and the fragrance is concentrated in the blooms after the night. They are then stored in a cool place during the day. The next evening, they are mixed with dry tea leaves in a machine which uses warm air to transfer the scent/flavour from the flowers to the tea.

This process can be repeated up to as many as 7 times to achieve the required quality and flavour. Moisture absorbed from the flowers is then removed from the tea. Some of the dry jasmine flowers are mixed with the tea at this point.

There are many health benefits to drinking jasmine tea include enhancing your immune system, better level of concentration, increases your metabolism by buring fat faster (lose wieght) and used as an anti-depressant (recommended for post-natal depression) with its reputation to lift ones moods, reduces stress and has an energising effect.

The tea has traditionally been used to ease childbirth, soothe coughs and relieve muscle aches. Jasmine is used to help irritable, dry or greasy skin and to reduce stretch marks. Antioxidants called catechins and antigens will reduce inflammatory conditions

To brew: This tea needs a light careful infusion. Use one teaspoon per person, add boiled water which has cooled for 2 mins. Leave 2 minutes to infuse, no longer and you will spoil the flavour and sweetness (if this is the case start again with the same leaves).  Drink without milk or sugar. The tea leaves can be re used for a second and third brew, which will have less caffeine and subtly different flavours.

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